Rental terms

Terms and Conditions of Rental

Requirements for the Rentee:

  • The Rentee and any additional drivers must be 21 or older and have at least 1 year of driving experience, except for drivers aged 30 and over.
  • The Rentee must be at least 23 years old in order to rent any of the following car classes: IVMR, FVMR, DDAV, DFAR CFAR, IDAH, IWAH, SFAR, RFBR, FDAR, FWAR, PDAR, EDAE, HDAE, CDAE, CTAR and FDAD.
  • The Rentee must be at least 25 years old with at least 5 years driving experience respectively in order to rent any of the following car classes: FFAD, LDAR, WDAR and UFAR.
  • The Rentee and any additional drivers must have valid identity documents: passport/ID card, driving licence and penalty-point card. In case the customer provides a Driver’s license that is NOT issued by a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the Swiss confederation, he must provide an international driving license or a legalized translation of the original driving license (an original driving license must always be provided). An international driver’s license can be applied for and obtained online on this page.
  • A partial or full prepayment of the rental price must be made when booking, with any balance paid when picking up the car. A security deposit must also be provided when picking up the car.

Please note: Operator licences are not accepted. Identity documents and driving licences must be valid throughout the rental period.

Information about SIPP codes can be seen here.

What the rental price includes:

  • Car rental
  • Third-party liability insurance
  • Standard CDW + TP coverage
  • Full vignette (road tax) for Bulgaria
  • Unlimited distance
  • Airport fee
  • Winter tyres (1 November – 31 March)
  • Replacement car if the rental breaks down due to normal wear and tear or a factory defect
  • Free cancellation (up to 72 hours before rental)
  • 20% VAT
  • Any fees for paying by Visa or Mastercard are included in the price

Rental Period

Minimum rental period: 24 hours. If a customer makes an enquiry for a period shorter than 24 hours, the rental price will be calculated for a full 24 hours. If the car is returned after the agreed period the customer will be charged as follows: up to 1 hour – half a rental day; 1 to 4 hours – one rental day; 4 to 24 hours – two rental days, more than 24 hours – double price for every additional day.


The car is provided with a full tank and, according to the contract, must be returned with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, the customer will pay a “missing fuel” charge of € 1.50 per litre and an administrative charge of € 15, except where they have paid the “Prepaid Fuel” charge.
Electric vehicles are provided with a charge of 80% to 90%. If the vehicle is returned with less then 80%, the customer has to pay for the missing electric power 0.50 € per kWh and administrative fee of € 15.

Security Deposit

When renting a car, the Rentee must put down a deposit by a debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) issued in their name. The card must be valid at least until the end of the rental period. The deposit is valid for 25 days after the start of the rental. If the rent lasts more than 25 days, the RENTER is obliged to visit the nearest office of the company or through a link for deposit renewal provided by the LESSOR in order to make a new deposit, before the 25th day from the start of the tenancy.
The deposit amount depends on the car class and coverage type selected by the customer. For luxury cars, the deposit can only be made by credit card.
If “Going Abroad” is chosen, the deposit will be doubled.
If the customer is a young driver, the deposit will be doubled.

Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorisation and Cancellation of Pre-Authorisation:

On the day you pick up the car, the deposit amount will be blocked (pre-authorised) on your credit/debit card and then unblocked (the pre-authorisation will be cancelled) as soon as the car is checked upon its return. More information can be found here.

Car Class SIPP Code Card deposit with purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Card deposit without purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Card deposit with purchased additional coverage PREMIUM PROTECTION
ECMR, EDMR 200 € 600 € 20 €
HDMV, HDMR, EDAE 250 € 750 € 20 €
CDMR, DDMV, IDMR, IVMR, HDAR, HDAV, HDAE 300 € 900 € 20 €
CDAR, DDAV, CFAV, CFAR, DFAR, IWAH, IDAH, CWAR 400 € 1200 € 20 €
LDAR* 600 € by credit card 1800 € by credit card 20 €
WDAR*, UFAR*, FFAD* 800 € by credit card 2400 € by credit card 20 €

Information about SIPP codes can be seen here.

*The deposit is required by credit card

Method of Payment

When booking, you can make a partial prepayment (15% of the final price) or a full prepayment:

  • by credit/debit card
  • by bank transfer
  • in cash at one of our offices
  • at any EasyPay location

Once your card is charged, the name of our company, Modul EOOD, will come up on your statement as the reason for payment. If a partial prepayment is made, the Rentee must pay the remainder when picking up the rental. Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer or in cash. Payment in cash is accepted only bulgarian lev (BGN).

The prices shown on our site are in EUR and BGN. Payments are made in Bulgarian levs at the Bulgarian National Bank exchange rate.

Coverage and Insurance

  • Third-party liability – included in the price and mandatory in Bulgaria
  • CDW + TP – collision damage waiver (CDW) or theft protection (TP) up to the deposit amount. Only valid if you provide a traffic police report when you return the rented car documents and keys. Not valid if the driver has used drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants, or committed a traffic offence. Included in the rental price.
  • “TOP PROTECTION” and “PREMIUM PROTECTION” fees limit the RENTEE’s liability for damages to the exterior of the car, fire or theft, subject to compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Rental agreement.


Confirmed bookings may be cancelled/changed free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period. If the booking is cancelled/changed less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, a fee of 15% of the final rental price will be charged, but no less than the rental price for 1 day, as well as the value of the delivery fee in case of cancellation/change of the reservation, less than 24 hours before the start of the rental period. Additional services included in the reservation are not included in the penalty.

No Show

If the Rentee does not show to pick up their booked car within 4 hours after the agreed rental time, the booking will be considered cancelled, and the customer owes a penalty in the full amount of the delivery fee and 15% of the reservation amount, but not less than one rental day. Additional services included in the reservation are not included in the penalty. “No show” means a situation where the Rentee:

  • wishes to cancel the booking, but does not notify us before the rental period starts;
  • is, for some reason, unable to pick up the car at the agreed date and time and fails to notify the Renter thereof. Exceptions are made for Rentees who have indicated that they will arrive by airplane and have provided the flight number, and they show up late due to a delayed flight;
  • fails to provide a valid ID card, driving licence, international driving licence and penalty-point card, which are required when the car is picked up;
  • does not have sufficient funds to pay the full price of the booking and/or is unable to put down the deposit required for the relevant car class.

Changes to Upcoming Bookings

The Rentee may make changes to the booking by email request or by calling our head office. Confirmed bookings can be changed free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period.
If the rental period is changed, the rental price will be recalculated at the current prices for the new period.

If the Rentee books a car via our partner booking system, all changes before the start of the rental period are processed directly by the booking system via which the Rentee has booked the car. You need to contact our partner if you would like to make any changes to the booking. In these cases, Top Rent A Car only performs the service.

Booking Change/Extension after Start of Rental Period

If the Rentee wishes to extend their booking, they must request this in writing, at least 48 hours before the expiration of the contract. The extension of the term of the contract and, accordingly, the Rentee’s use of the car will only become valid upon receipt of written confirmation from the Renter and if payment for the extension is made within 24 hours after confirmation for the extension. When extending a booking, the price is calculated according to the current price list, based on the total number of rental days. We recommend you ask for an extension of your booking as early as possible due to the risk of running out of stock. If the customer does not pay for the extension before the expiration of their current contract, they may be subject to the penalties for delay specified in the Terms and Conditions of the rental contract.
When the customer needs to extend their rent that includes going abroad, the amount of 50% of the initial charge should be paid for extending the validity of the power of attorney and the documents required to go abroad must be reissued and received from the customer.

IMPORTANT: After the Renter confirms the rental may be extended, the Rentee must pay for the additional rental days within 24 hours of receipt of the confirmation to confirm the extension of the contract. The extension will be confirmed only after payment is received within the period mentioned above, but no later than the date and time until which the contract is valid. After making the payment, the necessary documents will be available at the office where the car was provided. Top Rent A Car is not responsible for any consequences if the customer fails to show to pick up the documents.

Additional Charges

TOP PROTECTION – Additional Cover Charge

This can be added to the contract at the customer’s request, when making the booking or picking up the car from our office, as well as during the rental period. A new contract and certificate of delivery and acceptance will have to be drawn up to reflect the change.

The TOP PROTECTION option has the following benefits:

  • In the presence of damage, with the exception of those on the lower surface of the car, which occurred as a result of one event, to up to 3 adjacent elements with up to one deformation in one of the three, without the integrity of the element being violated, for which there is no legal basis according to the Traffic law or other legal acts, a document certifying the occurrence of an event is issued by the competent state authorities, the TENANT’s deposit will be refunded in full after filling out a “Declaration of Occurrence” in front of a representative of the RENTOR.
  • In the event of an accident, damage, fire or theft on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the RENTEE will receive a replacement car at the RENTOR’s nearest office within 3 working days.
  • In the event of an accident, damage or fire on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the costs of transport and roadside assistance of the damaged car will be paid by the RENTOR. In the event of an accident or damage outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria, the RENTEE is obliged to cover only the costs of moving the rented car to the border of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Limits liability for damages: for glasses in full size, for tires and tires in the amount of up to BGN 195.58 / 100 EUR., for rims in the amount of BGN 391.17 / 200 EUR, when filling in the “Declaration Occurred event”
  • Exempts the RENTEE from paying the administrative fee under Art. 31.1
  • Three times lower deposit

If there are damages other than those described above, the TOP PROTECTION option will only apply to damages certified by document from Traffic police, Police or another competent authority in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and other regulations or by another document serving as proof of the event and provided that the RENTER is notified of the incident no later than 24 hours after its occurrence.

Car Class SIPP Code TOP PROTECTION Coverage
LDAR 25 €

Information about SIPP codes can be seen here.

PREMIUM PROTECTION – Additional Cover Charge

At the customer’s request, it can be added to the contract when booking or on the spot in our office, when picking up the car, as well as during the rental, for which a new contract and delivery-acceptance protocol is drawn up.

The “PREMIUM PROTECTION” fee includes the rights under the “TOP PROTECTION” Fee and gives the RENTEE the following additional rights:

  • In the event of damage to the car, including damage to the lower surface of the car, which occurred as a result of an event for which there is no legal basis according to the Road traffic law or other normative acts to issue a document certifying the occurrence of an event by the competent state authorities, then the RENTEE’s deposit will be refunded in full after filling out a “Declaration of Occurred event” in front of a representative of the LESSOR.
  • In the event of an accident, damage, fire or theft on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the RENTEE will receive a replacement car to an address specified by the RENTEE located on the territory of the country, within 1 working day.
  • Exempts from responsibility for damage caused to tires, rims, rims and glass, when filling in the “Declaration of Occurred event “.
  • Deposit of 20 €, regardless of the chosen vehicle class. The deposit for this coverage can be blocked only be credit card.

Information about SIPP codes can be seen here.


Upon prior request and approval, rentals can be taken outside Bulgaria to its neighbouring countries (Greece, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the European part of Turkey). An administrative fee will be charged depending on the rented car class. The indicated administrative fee applies to visiting one of the countries listed above. For any subsequent country, the customer will pay an additional 50% of the charge for the first country. Power of attorney is issued with a validity period until the end of the rent, but no longer than 25 days. When the rent is longer than 25 days, the customer must pay the full charge for crossing the border again.

After confirmation by Top Rent A Car, the Rentee must send a scanned copy of the driving licence, penalty-point card and passport details (required for the issue of the necessary documents) at least 1 working day before the start of the rental period. Limitations may apply.

Car Class
Deposit with purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Deposit without purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Deposit with purchased additional coverage PREMIUM PROTECTION
ECMR, EDMR 80 € 400 € 1200 € 20 €
EDAE 80 € 500 € 1500 € 20 €
HDMV, HDMR 90 € 500 € 1500 € 20 €
CDMR, DDMV, HDAR, HDAV 90 € 600 € 1800 € 20 €
CDAR, CWAR 90 € 800 € 2400 € 20 €
IDMR, HDAE 100 € 600 € 1800 € 20 €
DDAV, CFAV 100 € 800 € 2400 € 20 €
IVMR 110 € 600 € 1800 € 20 €
CFAR, DFAR, IDAH, IWAH 120 € 800 € 2400 € 20 €
DDAE, CDAE, CTAR 120 € 1000 € 3000 € 20 €
FVMR, FDAR, FWAR, SFAR, IFAR, RFBR, FDAD 130 € 1000 € 3000 € 20 €
PDAR 160 € 1000 € 3000 € 20 €
LDAR 160 € 1200 € by credit card 3600 € by credit card 20 €
WDAR, UFAR, FFAD 160 € 1600 € by credit card 4800 € by credit card 20 €

Rentals can be taken into countries other than the above after express confirmation by the Renter. A custom quote for the administrative charge and deposit will be prepared.

More about Cross border can be found here.
Information about SIPP codes can be seen here.

Additional Driver Charge

When picking up the car, the Rentee and any additional driver who will drive the rented car must personally show the following valid documents: driving licence and penalty-point card, ID card or passport valid until the end of the rental period. Each additional driver needs to be registered in the contract and sign a copy thereof. All drivers are jointly and severally liable during the rental.

Young Driver Charge

Rentees aged 21 to 23 are treated as a “Young Driver”. If at least one of the drivers is a “young driver”, the following conditions apply:

  • The Rentee may drive a limited number of car classes as follows: ECMR, EDMR, HDMV, HDMR, CDMR, IDMR, HDAR, HDAV, CFAV, DDMV, IVMR
  • An additional fee of EUR 7,20 per day will be charged
  • The deposit is doubled unless additional PREMIUM PROTECTION coverage is purchased

Late Service Fee

You can check the opening hours for the office of your choosing here. Airport offices can serve customers 24 hours a day.
When booking for the cities of Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv in the time range from 19:01 to 08:29 and for the city of Sofia in the time range from 21:01 to 08:29, the price includes a “Late service fee”.
Please note that if during the initial booking, pick-up and/or return times of the car other than the above mentioned ranges are specified and subsequently the times are changed and they fall within the above-mentioned ranges, an additional fee of 24 € including VAT for each delivery and/or acceptance of the car will be charged for “Late service fee”.

Public Holidays

During the public holidays of Easter, Christmas (24, 25 and 26 December), New Year (31 December and 1 January), our city offices are not open to customers, so all customers will be directed to our airport offices. When picking up or returning a car during public holidays, an additional EUR 24 fee will be charged for handling purposes.
From 31 December 19:00 to 1 January 10:00, the offices of Top Rent A Car are not open to customers.

Delivery or Collection and One-way Rental

Top Rent A Car has a network of offices serving customers at all international airports, city offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna, as well as seasonal offices on the Black Sea coast.
You can rent a car from any Top Rent A Car office and return it to the same or another company office (an additional One-Way Rental fee will be charged). You can find a list of all addresses here.

One-way Rental

On request a vehicle can be delivered and picked up in other city or office of Top Rent A Car. Delivery to neighboring countries is possible. Examples for one way rentals:

Pick up Drop off Amount Pick up Drop off Amount
Sofia Burgas € 150 Burgas Varna € 85
Sofia Varna € 160 Burgas Primorsko € 65
Sofia Plovdiv € 85 Burgas Sozopol € 25
Sofia Bansko € 100 Varna Albena € 25
Sofia Borovets € 80 Varna Obzor € 40
Sofia Pamporovo € 170 Varna Balchik € 40
Sofia Thessaloniki € 300 Sofia Bucharest € 510

More about One-way rentals can be seen here.


You can also book a car to be delivered to a hotel, flat, car repair shop or any address. Locations for example:

Destination Amount Destination Amount
Sofia – Airport € 0 Byala € 10 / € 40
Sofia – Delivery to address € 20 Dobrich € 50
Plovdiv – Airport € 0 Elenite € 10 / € 20
Plovdiv – Office € 0 Golden Sands € 10 / € 15
Plovdiv – Delivery to address € 10 Kiten € 65
Varna – Airport € 0 Nesebar € 10 / € 20
Varna – Office € 0 Obzor € 10 / € 40
Varna – Delivery to address € 10 Pamporovo € 80
Burgas – Airport € 0 Pomorie € 10 / € 20
Burgas – Office € 0 Ravda € 10 / € 20
Burgas – Delivery to address € 10 St Constantine and St Helena € 10 / € 15
Albena € 15 / € 25 Sveti Vlas € 10 / € 20
Aheloy € 10 / € 20 Sunny Beach € 10 / € 20
Balchik € 20 / € 40 Sunny Day € 10 / € 15
Bansko € 100 Sozopol € 10 / € 25
Blagoevgrad € 80 Thessaloniki, Greece € 300
Borovets € 80 Bucharest, Romania € 300

All locations for which the deliveries have two values refer to summer / winter season. The summer season is from 01.05 to 30.09, the winter season – from 01.10 to 30.04.
You can view a detailed list here.
If the car is returned to the place of delivery, a second fee will be charged.

Prepaid Fuel Charge

In paying the “Prepaid Fuel” charge, the customer prepays the cost of the fuel and receives the right to return the car without filling the tank completely.

Car Class Prepaid Fuel Charge
Citroen C3 ECMR 70 €
Hyundai i20 EDMR 65 €
Renault Clio V HDMV 85 €
Peugeot 208 HDMR 70 €
Citroen C4 CDMR 75 €
Opel Astra DDMV 80 €
Toyota Corolla IDMR 75 €
VW Caddy IVMR 75 €
Ford Custom FVMR 125 €
Renault Clio V aut HDAR 85 €
Peugeot 208 aut HDAV 70 €
Peugeot 308 CDAR 80 €
Peugeot 308 estate CWAR 80 €
Opel Crossland CFAV 70 €
VW Golf aut DDAV 75 €
VW T-Roc CFAR 75 €
VW T-Roc Cabrio CTAR 75 €
Peugeot 2008 aut DFAR 65 €
Toyota Corolla sedan HYBRID IDAH 70 €
Toyota Corolla estate HYBRID IWAH 70 €
VW Passat/Arteon Estate aut FWAR 100 €
VW Passat aut FDAR 100 €
VW Arteon sedan aut FDAD 100 €
Hyundai Tucson aut SFAR 85 €
VW Tiguan IFAR 90 €
Hyundai Tucson 4×4 aut RFBR 85 €
BMW 118i PDAR 70 €
Mercedes C-class LDAR 100 €
Mercedes E-class WDAR 100 €
VW Touareg 2019 aut FFAD 115 €

Additional equipment and services

Additional equipment and services are charged per day:

Option Price per Day Maximum Price
Additional driver € 3,60 € 80
Child seat € 4,80 € 80
Booster seat € 3,60
Snow cables/chains (purchased and kept by the customer) € 35 one-off charge
Mobile WiFi HOTSPOT € 3,00

After prior written request by the RENTEE and written approval by the RENTER, the advertising stickers can be removed from the booked car. There is a one-off € 20 fee for a car and a custom fee for 9-seaters and cargo vehicles. Limitations may apply.

Other Questions

MyTop Loyalty Program

The MyTop Program is designed for our regular customers. With a personal account, you can easily manage your bookings via email.

Top Rent A Car gives discounts to its loyal customers. After their first confirmed booking, the Rentee will be registered on our website and receive the following discounts for subsequent bookings:

  • After 1st confirmed booking – 3%
  • After 2nd confirmed booking – 5%
  • After 3rd confirmed booking – 10%
  • After 6th confirmed booking – 15%

You can see more about our loyalty program  here.

What is not covered by insurance and additional charges

  • Missing parts or accessories (equipment)
  • Damage to the car interior
  • Missing or damaged personal belongings of the rentee
  • Damages resulting from a traffic offence
  • All types of damage sustained while the car was driven by a person not registered in the rental contract
  • Any damage sustained after the end of the rental period specified in the contract

Rights of Rentee

  • If there was a delay in renting the car due to a fault of the Renter, the Rentee has the right to ask for the rental period to be extended by the same period as the length of delay
  • If the Rentee is unable to rent the car they have booked on time due to a fault of the Renter, the former has the right to request a refund of part of the prepayment in proportion to the period of delay. If the Rentee cancels the services due to a delay by the Renter, the prepayment must be refunded to the Rentee
  • If the Renter cannot provide a car for a confirmed booking, the Renter has the right to request a free upgrade or refund of the prepayment made by them
  • No other compensation is available

Responsibilities of Rentee:

  • To comply with the Road Traffic Act
  • To ensure the safety and security of the rented car
  • To keep the car securely locked
  • To return the car within the period specified in the rental contract
  • To pay any fines issued by the Traffic Police and the Police
  • To pay all costs in case of an accident or theft (if the Top Protection option has not been purchased and the conditions of the rental contract have not been met)
  • To cover the cost of any lost parts, accessories, keys, documents and registration plates, etc. according to the price list
  • To pay a fee for smoking in the car and cover the cost of dry cleaning the interior in case of substantial contamination
  • To cover the rental costs for the entire period of non-use of the car, if it is taken off the road by traffic police due to a traffic offence committed by the Rentee

Rental Car Don’ts

  • Smoking in the car
  • Renting the car to third parties
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Repairing the car by yourself
  • Taking part in races
  • Towing another motor vehicle or trailer
  • Using the car to train inexperienced drivers
  • Carrying greater loads and/or more passengers than allowed by factory specifications
  • Handing over the car to third parties not specified in the rental contract
  • Driving the car off road
  • Transporting animals, outside of travel cages, designed for this purpose
  • Using the car for commercial purposes, paid carriage of people, goods and others
  • Using the vehicle to transport illeagel residing citizens

Responsibilities of Renter

  • The Renter guarantees the car class. If the Renter is unable to provide a car of the booked class, it must provide a higher-class car at its own expense or cancel the booking and refund the entire advance paid by the Rentee.
  • The Renter guarantees that the provided vehicle is in working order, has all the necessary documents, including a registration card and technical inspection card, third-party liability insurance and paid vignette (road tax).
  • The Renter must provide the booked rental car to the customer at the pre-agreed date and time, allowing a normal delay of up to 30 minutes.
  • In case of a prepaid confirmed booking, the Renter must wait for the customer to show within 4 hours after the pre-agreed rental time. After this time, the booking can be cancelled as a “no show” and removed from the car schedule.
    Exceptions are made for bookings made by prior request to an address other than the company office address. In such cases, the Renter must wait for the customer to show within 20 minutes after the pre-agreed rental time. After this time, the Renter does not have to wait for the Rentee. The booking will still be valid for 4 hours and may then be cancelled as a “no show” and removed from the car schedule.
  • The Renter or its employees/representatives are not liable for losses (direct/indirect/subsequent) of profit/income or expenses incurred by the Rentee, or for damages incurred by the Rentee or other persons as a result of or in connection with the use, inability to use or a delay in providing a car. The Renter is not liable for missing personal belongings or personal belongings stolen from the vehicle.

Rights of Renter

  • The Renter has the right to refuse to provide its services to the Rentee due to security considerations without giving a reason. In such situations, the Renter must refund the customer’s prepayment.
  • The Renter has the right to terminate the contract early and have their car returned if:
    • The Rentee breaches the terms of the contract
    • The Rentee has committed fraud to obtain the car
    • The car is abandoned
    • The car is not returned within the agreed time and at the place specified in the contract
    • The vehicle is damaged
    • The Renter or a police officer or another competent authority has reason to believe that the Rentee’s driving (or the driving of the authorised driver) may pose a real danger to themself and/or any other person

All prices include VAT

Customer Support Phone Number: +359 700 89 050 or +359 890 170 170
To read the full Terms and Conditions, please click here.
See the Terms and Conditions of cargo vans here.
Visit our page with Frequently Asked Questions here.