Car Fleet

Cars and groups for hire available for rentals

Our fleet is the largest in Bulgaria – over 1800 brand new cars! We offer cars of various classes, sizes, engines and gearboxes. The cars you can rent are of the economical, compact, large, station wagon, minibus, SUV, luxury, electric and cargo van cars. Top Rent A Car takes care of the perfect service and individual approach to each client, offering the highest quality service. You will be able to choose from many cars and cargo vans for rent with perfect service, new cars and the best prices! All cars from our fleet are in perfect technical condition – regularly inspected and serviced. You can choose from one of our additional extras such as additional coverage, Mobile Hotspot, GPS navigation, additional driver, mobile charging station for electric cars and more.
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Economy class

Economy class is one of the most preferred by customers because of the convenient size and economical engines of cars as well as their best prices. We offer some of the most famous and popular models of economy class such as Citroen C3, Renault Clio V and Peugeot 208. You can choose between diesel and gasoline engines, as well as between automatic or manual transmission.

Compact class

Our company offers a variety of compact cars at the best prices. Our cars in this class are from the leading manufacturers: VW, Toyota, Peugeot and Renault. You can choose among the latest models VW Golf, Renault Captur, Toyota Corolla and the functional SUV Peugeot 2008. Highest quality – guaranteed!

Full size

We offer you a more comfortable trip with a large rental car. And brand new! The new VW Passat with automatic transmission awaits you. If you travel with it you will have enough space for the whole family and luggage, which often turns out to be more than expected.

Station wagon class

We offer larger vans for rent, which are the best option for larger families and companies. They can easily collect more luggage, as well as provide a comfortable trip for all your friends. The rental cars in this class are: a brand new VW Passat Estate and a practical Renault Clio Grandtour.


Our minibus cars are very reliable and comfortable for more people than your family and friends. We offer minibuses for rent to one of the largest manufacturers – Renault. You can rent a Renault Trafic 9-seater minibus and have room for everything and everyone!

SUV class

Class SUV is among the most popular car rental classes by our customers. Our jeeps for rent are perfect for all road conditions in all seasons of the year. We offer for rent Nissan Qashqai automatic, VW T-Roc automatic, VW Touareg 2019/2021 and the hit model VW Tiguan automatic.

Premium class

Premium class cars are for those who want to be always noticed and drive in style. Cars of this class are the latest models of the world’s leading manufacturers in the premium segment. We offer you the stylish Mercedes C-Class for rent.


Since 2015, we have started to develop in another direction in car rental, namely electric mobility and electric car rental. A few years later we can offer you different classes of electric cars for rent. These are the small electric mascot Renault Twizy, the luxury electric car of a new generation Tesla Model S 75D, the revolutionary VW ID.3 and the irresistible Peugeot e-208.

Cargo vans class

Top Rent A Car offers various sizes cargo van vehicles for rent at best prices. The cars from this category are very useful for transporting a heavy loads with high volume. Available cargo vans for hire are Renault Clio Cargo, Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic, Renault Master.